Cookie Policy

Definition of cookie

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on a user’s Computer for tracking and record-keeping purposes. We use both session ID cookies and persistent cookies, further details of which can be obtained here. We use session cookies to make it easier for you to navigate our website. A session ID cookie expires when you close your browser. A persistent cookie remains on your hard drive for an extended period of time. You can remove persistent cookies via your browser’s ‘clear cookie’ function. Please see for more information about blocking cookies on your particular web browser.


How we use cookies in the Publisher Hub

Before dropping cookies onto your Computer for which consent is needed we will display a banner and give you the option to proceed or not and let you know what constitutes consent.

What does Monetizer101 do on Monetizer101 Enabled Sites?

Once a Publisher’s application to use the Service is accepted, and the Publisher has added the Monetizer101 Code to its Monetizer101 Enabled Site template, a JavaScript file will be downloaded to Users’ Computers when they view Monetizer101 Enabled Sites. This JavaScript file will drop a Monetizer101 geo location cookie when a User visits a web page to determine the location of the User. We do that so we can display geo targeted offers, that is product offers from local Merchants.

What information relating to Users does Monetizer101 collect?

Monetizer101 will not knowingly collect or store any information which enables us to determine the actual identity of Users visiting a Monetizer101 Enabled Site.The geo location cookie which is dropped on the Monetizer101 Enabled Sites does not contain an ID or any personal information, but only the country code that we use during the User session.

What information does Monetizer101 collect about Users through its technology and how does it use this information?

  • We store Users’ IP addresses, from which we can determine a User’s approximate geographical location (e.g. country or region). We need this information to optimize the links that are created/monetized to suit the geography of the User, and to provide aggregate reporting to Publishers, Merchants and Advertisers on the location of users visiting Monetizer101 Enabled Sites. We also use IP addresses as part of our efforts to reduce fraud and identify non-human browsing patterns.
  • We store information about the device that a User uses to access sites within our Publisher network, such as the browser type, browser version, and type of device. This helps us ensure we can diagnose and fix browser compatibility issues more swiftly, optimize our service to suit the preferred browsing environments, and provide aggregate reporting to Publishers, Merchants and Advertisers.
  • As part of the information available in standard web serving logs, we also store information about the referrer, i.e. the website page from which the User linked to the Monetizer101 Enabled Site.
  • To provide Publishers and Merchants with the Service, we collect information on visits and sales on Monetizer101 Enabled Sites, including but not limited to order value, products bought, and order identifiers. These are used to help Publishers, Merchants and Advertisers make better marketing and content creation decisions.
  • At no time do we know who a User is, nor do we make any attempt to try and identify a User.

In order for referral fees and commissions to be paid by Merchants to Publishers, Monetizer101 works with affiliate networks and other ad networks that manage the relationships between Monetizer101 and the Merchants.

When a User clicks on a link created by a Tool, Monetizer101 attaches a click’s unique identifier number so it passes to the appropriate affiliate network for the purpose of tracking whether that User makes a purchase on the Merchant website they visit. Note that at no time do we pass any Personal Information, nor make any attempt to determine the actual identity of an individual User; all information is completely anonymous and used only for the purposes of optimizing the service provided to the User. The affiliate and ad networks that work with Monetizer101 also use their own cookies in order to track if a sale has occurred, as most of these parties will only pay Publishers when a referral has been successful, i.e. a sale was completed. We do not have control over or access to these cookies and they are dropped by the affiliate and ad networks via our Monetizer101 Enabled Sites.

Affiliate Networks

Monetizer101 works with Affiliate Networks to enable the connections between Publisher sites and Merchant sites. These networks use cookies to follow a user’s click on a merchant link through to purchase and associating that back to the Publisher who earns a commission off the purchase. Affiliate Network cookies get set when a User clicks on a merchant or product link in the content of a Monetizer101 Publisher site. Monetizer101 does not have control over the Affiliate Network cookies. However, this table will direct you to the relevant privacy policies and preference settings (where available) for each network we partner with.

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